The WC is home to a collection of over 3,000 books, magazines & documentary DVDs. Anyone can check out up to three books at a time for free. Stop by the front desk to set up an account.

  • Our DVD library includes educational films that are available for check-out by staff and faculty or can be viewed in the lounge by anyone (no reservation needed to watch in the lounge).
  • To reserve a film, please email with the following information; name, email, phone number, office/organization/class/event, # of people who will view the video, pick up date, return date, & video request.
  • The WC receives subscriptions to magazines such as Ms., BITCH, Bust, Women’s Adventure, Lilith, Make/Shift, Mother Jones, hip Mama, and a myriad of ‘zines, which can be enjoyed in our lounge. We also have a large collection of back issues.
  • Our collection is maintained by donations from friends like you. If you would like to donate to our library, we will place a plaque in the front of the resource to remind readers of your generosity! We accept all donations.