The Women’s Center works on many events throughout the year! Be sure to keep up with our website and our social media for updated information on your favorites!!

Ain’t I A Black Woman

Language Partners

Love Your Body

Love Your Body is a national movement for body positivity. We want everyone to love themselves and we use social media and campus advertising to remind folks of how great they are! The WC collaborates with other offices and organizations to plan and implement events on our campus, such as Love Your Body Day, Eating Disorders Awareness Week and Operation Beautiful. Groups can also request a WC program on body image, self-care or empowerment. Find us on Facebook & Twitter for daily inspiration!

Mend the Gap

Ms. Zou Series

Today’s students only have so much free time and we need to spend that time wisely. This series is built so that attendees walk away with skills that they can use right away. We want Mizzou women to be self-sufficient and ready for anything! Ms. Zou is By Mizzou Women For Mizzou Women. Past workshops have included information on sustainability, web presence and car care.

Social Justice Seder

Social Justice Seder is an annual event in the spring, which remixes the Passover Seder through a dinner celebrating the pursuit of freedom from oppression. It’s an interactive community meal that will bring all of us to the table to eat food symbolic to Jewish culture, walk through the Passover story, and discuss modern day social plagues.

Stitch ‘N Bitch

SNB is a national movement to reclaim historically devalued ”women’s work” while having radical conversations with friends and new acquaintances and creating fabulous fashions! Join our Stitch ‘N Bitch crew every Wednesday while classes are in session. We meet in the WC Lounge from 4-6pm. It’s open-house-style, so you can stop in for a bit or stay the full 2 hours! Bring a project you’re working on or learn how to knit or crochet from one of the WC Staffers! Some folks even bring other types of crafting to work on.  If you don’t have the start-up tools, no worries! We have knitting needles and crochet hooks, yarn and patterns.

MU Vagina Monologues

V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. Every year over 4200 events occur around the world! The Women’s Center serves as advisor to the MU Production of Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’. VDAY occurs every February on Mizzou’s campus and is sponsored by STARS. For more information visit

Women’s Leadership Conference

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month occurs all over the United States every March. It is a time to rediscover our past and look to our future. Most history books gloss over the accomplishments that women have made and each March we rewrite history and make sure that women’s stories are heard. The Women’s Center joins many other offices and individuals to create a campus-wide calendar. Every year we celebrate our Annual Women’s Poetry Night, Women in the Arts Reception & Show, Women’s & Gender Studies Graduate Conference, the Women’s Leadership Conference and so much more. Visit for events and to learn more.