Order Buttons

The WC has supplies to help you design your own buttons. The first 2 are on us (just stop by–no form needed), but if you need more, please submit this form.

  • Buttons are $30 per 100. Payment can be made with cash, a check (made out to the University of Missouri), or mocode transfer. Payment is due at pick-up.
  • Please submit the order below at least 2 weeks before your desired pick-up date. Please note our open hours for your pick-up date. If you cannot pick them up by closing time, you may need to move them to the next day.
  • We will not fulfill orders that include offensive or hate speech/images.
  • You must submit art with this form. The best buttons have an easy-to-read font, a small amount of text, light letters on a dark background or vice versa, and art that has plenty of extra space/background color around your featured text or picture. Without lots of extra space, you may see a square of art in the middle of the button with white space around it. If you don’t have “art,” you can submit a word document with text and colors. 
  • We will contact you via email once the buttons are ready to be picked up.
POOR EXAMPLE: While the text is easy to read the words go all the way to the edge of the color. If we were to put this on the button template it would look like the 2nd picture with gaps between the edge of the button and the art. 
GOOD EXAMPLE: Art must include room to allow the machine to fold it over a bit. Once pressed the line at the bottom of this art appears to run across the entire bottom of the button. The gap from the line to the edge of the button is about how much will be needed to fold over. Note the color goes all the way to the edge of the art.